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Becoming a dealer is an easy process. Running your own business part-time or full-time is a great choice in any economic situation because you are your own boss - you certainly aren't going to lay off yourself! Furthermore, we do not restrict our sales by territory, which means you are able to work your business in whatever territories you are able to serve. Even more importantly, we do not play favorites. Let us know you want to be on our distributor list, and we will give out your information to any customers looking for a dealer in any territories you serve.

Because we ship our products to any location, you can get your product with speed and convenience, which means you can serve your customers more efficiently and conveniently than competitors. It also means you can work your business from your home or office. Because we deliver directly to you when you need the product, we are like your FREE private warehousing service. Finally, because we offer direct from the factory pricing, it is easy for you to offer your customers a great value and still make a good profit.

Get your business started today and give us a call. We will support you as you get your business underway.

  • CFM-10, Deli Meat Slicer
  • CFM-12.5a, Deli Meat Slicer
CFM-10, Deli Meat Slicer CFM-12.5a, Deli Meat Slicer CFM-12, Deli Meat Slicer