About us's factory has been making commercial quality food equipment for over 20 years. Our namesake, the Windy City, is renowned for its history in the food industry, and we strive to always live up to that name by providing high quality professional equipment at manageable prices. Our OEM products are manufactured in the same factories as more expensive brand names, but we are able to offer our products for less because of our direct from the factory distribution model. We know value counts for more than a fancy label.

Our service doesn't end there. We support our products after the sale, and provide attentive customer service to ensure decades of professional quality use. We know that businesses are relying on our equipment to maintain the best service for their customers, so we provide continued high quality service to our customers.

It is by adhering to our two promises, of providing professional quality products for less and offering superior customer service, that we are able to provide quality solutions for customer needs.

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